Dispuut Antoni van Leeuwenhoek


Dispuut Antoni van Leeuwenhoek is the student society for the master programs Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanical Design at the Delft University of Technology.  The society was founded in January 2006, shortly after the initiation of the master programs. Ever since, the society has rapidly developed with increasing numbers of members, activities, excursions, tours and study cases throughout the academic year. To date, the society counts more than 550 members, ranging from 1st years to 3rd years master students.

As a study society, we give our member students the opportunity to widen their scope in their field of work. To introduce them to various industries and evolving research, we organise these multiple study related excursions, guest lectures, cases, study tours, social activities and much more for them to take part in. Not only are we hereby of service to our students, but also allow companies and institutes to come into contact with the students, advantageous for any type of collaboration.  

We, as board, guarantee the members our full support and motivation to give them a satisfying amount of extracurricular activity options that will help them in their choices and future careers.

Warm regards,

The AvL Board