StudyTour 2016

Each year, engineering students from Delft University of Technology embark on a Study Tour to visit institutes, universities and companies in the Mechanical and Biomedical industries. The society of Biomechanical and Biomedical engineering students, ‘Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’ (AvL) organizes this yearly international excursion with the aim of enabling students to witness engineering and technology in foreign local industries. The Study Tour reflects the increasingly prominent role of globalization in the engineering industry. We believe that the best engineers must be familiar with how technology is developed in other parts of the world, and how it can be of influence in different cultures. This is why our participants are keen to experience foreign companies, learn from other engineers and enjoy new cultural settings.

The destination of Study Tour 2016 was Italy. In this beautiful country the group travelled to Milan, Genoa and Turin, where visit many interesting companies and universities were visited. The Study Tour 2016 was made possible by:

Houdijk Holland AVL

Euro-Rigging, independent engineers and consultants

Active in the field of heavy mechanical engineering in the widest sense of the word with specific know-how in the field of systems for lifting, special access and transport.

Since 1979.
Our expertise: Consultation in the area  of complex non routine lifting and transport. The design and construction of heavy mechanical equipment. Complex design calculations
Our clients: Manufacturers of (heavy) equipment, Offshore and process industry, Civilengineering, contractors and foundation companies