13 December 2017 – Philips Presentation

Philips is a Dutch company founded in 1891 by the Gerard and Anton Philips with 17.4 BEuro sales and 71.000 employees in 2016 selling products around the world. The goal of Philips is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. It all started with light bulbs but what are the current and near future products of Philips? How is it to work for Philips and in particular at the research centers across the world? What kind of careers can be envisioned in Philips for people graduated at the TUDelft? To learn more about Philips and the above questions visit the presentation of Prof. dr. B.H.W. Hendriks, working for Philips research for more than 27 years, on Wednesday 13 December from 12:45-13:30.